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Sportsbet ( ) is one of the leading online bookmakers in Australia offering punters the opportunity to wager on an exhaustive range of markets across racing, sports, and even novelty bets. If you are looking to go with one of the most experienced bookmakers around, then Sportsbet are a good bet. has been operating in Australia since 1993 and offer a variety of wagering options on a huge range of Australian and international racing and sporting events.

Why bet with Sportsbet

Even though Sportsbet is providing punters with a fantastic two-for-one opportunity there are many other reasons to join the site. The range of sports you can wager on is extensive and along with what is mentioned above, bettors can put money on American football and baseball; ice hockey (Europe and North America), tennis, and golf. Not only that but they feature weekly promotion and money back specials to help put some value into your punting dollars. Plus, there are numerous other features that make Sportsbet an extraordinary site.

Sportsbet offers live betting opportunities on numerous sports, including Rugby Union, soccer and ice hockey. Live betting is a very different experience for sports bettors as wagering depends greatly on the ebb and flow of the live event and odds constantly change.

Plus, you can access Sportsbet from virtually anywhere, as the site provides members with mobile apps, allowing you to place bets through your Android, iPad, or iPhone. Mobile betting is on the rise, and those who utilize this option have the best opportunities to take advantage of shifts in odds and the latest news that may affect the outcome of a sporting event such as player injuries, changing weather conditions, and changes in team rosters and lineups.

Sportsbet is a top site and its free bet promotion is very attractive. Plus, there are numerous other promotions for members to enjoy. The online sports betting site has a lot to offer.

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, SecurEFT, POLi, NETeller, Cheque, BPay, Bank Transfer

Betting Markets Offered

On the racing front, Sportsbet offers horse, harness, and greyhound racing. Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom races are available daily as are races at tracks in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

The sports markets on Sportsbet are extensive. American football, Australian Rules, baseball, including U.S., Australia, and Asia, boxing, and cricket are all included. Ice hockey, including U.S. and European, rugby, both Rugby League and Rugby Union, and soccer are also on the site. At Sports Bet, Mixed Marshal Arts matchups, snooker, tennis, golf, and motor racing may also be bet.

If you’d like even more sports, you will find some highly selective ones, such as alpine skiing, badminton, Gaelic Football, handball, and cross country. Biathlon, cycling, surfing, table tennis and volleyball may be bet and darts, poker, and pool are readily available to sports bettors.

Sportsbet also has a wide range of novelty and entertainment wagering. There seems to be no end to these offerings. Included are a range of current affairs, entertainment, and music bets. Wagers on Hollywood, politics and financial twists and turns may be made. Sports novelties, such as BBC Sports Personality of 2013, are on-hand, and bettors may also place wagers on the weather, TV specials, and novelties such as the sex of Will and Katie’s second child.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Sportsbet provides punters with various deposit options including POLi Bank Transfer, BPay Credit/Debit Card, Skrill/Moneybookers and PayPal Cheque. For those wanting to withdraw their winnings, Sportsbet recommends using their bank transfer option. Other methods available for withdrawal are credit/debit card, PayPal, cheque, or MoneyBookers/Skrill.

Support & Contact

Bookmaker Name: Sportsbet
Website URL:
Year Established: 1993
Support Email: or select Live Chat
Phone: 1 800 990 907

Mobile Betting

If you have an Android, iPad, iPhone or tablet, then you’ll be able to place bets using one of the Sportsbet apps. This is a very popular feature that many sports bettors enjoy using as it gives them quick and easy access to the site from just about anywhere.

Live Betting

There are numerous live betting opportunities at Sports Bet. There’s live wagering on soccer matches around the world. Basketball, tennis, volleyball and more are offered on the site. Live betting is extremely popular and Sportsbet provides members with an instant connection. As it is due to Australian law, live bets must be placed over the phone.

Our Verdict:

Sportsbet is an extremely active site with a keen interest in providing diverse betting opportunities. This site has been in existence for two decades and is a trusted online bookmaker. Whether you like betting on sports, racing, or novelties, you’ll find what you want here. There’s a strong focus on making sure that horse race enthusiasts get the best possible return on all wagers. Sportsbet is an online winner.